Episode 1: Strangers on the Internet

Meet Liv: she’s your typical twenty-something with a seemingly useless masters degree, piles of debt, and no job on the horizon. When her online friend “Nerdboy” sends her an intriguing job prospect, will Liv take the advice of her BFF Nikki and not trust an internet friend she’s never met? Or will Liv follow Nerdboy’s link into a world of new opportunities?


    Exciting start. where’s the rest. Can’t wait to see this show…. hope it fully launches soon.
    Nikki was fantastic!
    All the cast did a good job. Good chemistry between Nikki & liv.
    Husband looks like an AxxxHxle…. 🙂

    David Starzyk did an amazing job as the creepy husband. He has been on every show (Veronica Mars! Mad Men! Person of Interest! Desperate Housewives!), and he really kills it here.

    Have you watched 3 and 4 yet?

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