Episode 2: A Million Miles from Desperate

Just when Liv thinks she’s back on her feet with a new job and a new crush, she suddenly needs a new place to live. After months of crashing with Nikki and her perfect, powerbroker husband Paul, Liv finds out there’s trouble in paradise – and she’s in the middle of it. Could this shocking secret put Liv out on the street? Maybe, but it might also lead her to an unexpected ally.


    Wow. Episode 2 leaves one feeling like why can’t we see the rest NOW…. stop teasing us. Play the whole thing now!!!!!

    I have been missing Sex and the City – not so much anymore. The chemistry between the ladies is great- Nikki and Liv remind me of a few friends, Nikki is too sweet and Alexa is intriguing – great Cast!!!. So, let the series roll on. DO I really need to wait until June 8th????

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