Kate talks about Cam Girls on

“Women are expected to be sexy and available to the male gaze, but not to seek out the things that we, personally, find sexuality appealing.”

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Cam Girls on IndieWire

“Cam Girls” may seem like one of the racier series the Internet has to offer (and it very well may be), but this show offers more than meets the eye.

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Critics Corner: Cam Girls, My New Web Obsession

“There aren’t a lot of webseries that make it to the water cooler, but this is one that you’ll want to pull others into, just to be sure you have someone to talk about it with.”

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Cam Girls on Give Me My Remote

“It’s ridiculously charming. That may seem like an odd word choice to use for a show about a show that explores the world of women who strip online, but it’s true.”

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Cam Girls on the Nerdist Writers Panel

David, Joelle and Kate sit down with host Ben Blacker at Meltdown Comics to discuss the making of Cam Girls.

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What’s after Sex and the City?

“Although CAM GIRLS deals with webcam and online porn, laptop Lolitas, and the people who help fuel the cyber fetish world, it also spotlights friendship, with a very likeable Liv resembling Carrie Bradshaw in more than a few ways.”

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Cam Girls: A Revealing Look at the Human Side of the Sex Industry

“Most TV shows feature the sex industry in some way, but sex workers tend to be characterized as either a punch line or a cautionary tale. We wanted to make a show that could track how a young woman in this economy could come to the logical conclusion that sex work might be an acceptable means of supporting herself.”

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Cam Girls – the digital age’s answer to Sex and the City?

“I’m already addicted (having read the descriptions of upcoming episodes) and cannot wait to get to know these girls more.”

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Cam Girls on The Video Ink

“It’s the sort of show that will easily find a home on one of the OTT majors.”

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Cam Girls Web Series Takes You Inside The Lives Of The World’s… Newest Profession

“Kate Bond is impressively engaging, vying for a spot as a different generation’s and a wildly different genre’s Felicia Day.”

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