The Characters


Kate Bond in a black dress playing Cam Girls character LivNothing in Liv’s life has turned out the way she expected: her masters degree hasn’t helped her job prospects, and her book review blog isn’t making any waves online. So when she receives an intriguing job offer from her internet-friend Nerdboy, Liv goes down a rabbit hole that just might change her life forever.



Alexa from Cam Girls the Series played by Sarah Schreiber in a black dressA powerful businesswoman with knockout looks, Alexa has a walk-in closet full of skeletons. She wants to take Liv under her wing, but will their new friendship prove fruitful or put them both on the road to ruin?



Nikki from Cam Girls the Series played by Annie Ruby wearing a black dressNikki is used to getting what she wants, which is why her crumbling marriage is especially upsetting to her. As she sets off to repair it, she’s about to discover her husband’s darkest secrets—including one that involves her best friend, Liv!



Paul played David Starzyk in Cam Girls the SeriesA perfectionist in every sense, Paul has everything he’s been working for: a successful career, a gorgeous wife who he adores, and a beautiful house. But he also harbors a dark secret that could potentially spell the end of his marriage if Nikki ever found out.



Ryan played by Charlie Hewson in Cam GirlsWhen Liv gets a new job, one of her biggest perks is having the tall, cute, and charming Ryan as her supervisor. But will Liv be just as charmed when she finds out what Ryan’s company really does?